Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow

Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow

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The process of tree stump removal, Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow, and stump grinding doesn’t seem like an easy task if you ask me. But with the right guidelines, you’d find that these activities are not as hard as they seem.

How to go about Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow

Before embarking on a tree-felling project, you must have had your reasons. But for whatever reasons you may have, some dos and don’ts rules must be adhered to. These rules are put in place to ensure your safety if you don’t want to end up cutting or hurting yourself in the process.

The Dos

  •  Know your Limits

Do not take the risk of undertaking any Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow project when you have no idea how to operate the machines required like the chainsaw. It’ll be best to seek professional assistance instead of putting your safety at risk.

  • Choose the right equipment

There’s no harm in going the traditional way while felling trees (use of ax). But times have changed and provision of equipment for master and effective work is made available. Equipment like the chainsaw.

  • Clear The Trunk of  Low-Hanging Branches

Branches in the trunk can affect how the tree falls. You have to cut off low-hanging branches but when doing this, never operate the chainsaw in an overhead position. 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Neglect Safety Gears

Safety gears are important for your safety, so you should keep safety gears like gloves, safety boots, long-sleeved shirts, and earmuffs handy while cutting.

  • Don’t be Hasty in Cutting

Before you continue with cutting, observe your surroundings. Make sure that the setting is clear and that the tree will not cause harm to others.

  • Don’t get careless 
  • Don’t forget to seek professional assistance if the activity is out of your hands.

How to remove a tree stump

After felling the tree, removing the tree stump seems like the next thing right? So, how do you remove a tree stump? You can either grind it away or remove it manually. And here’s how to remove a tree stump manually:

  • Cut around the trunk with a chainsaw to get rid of lower branches.
  • Dig around the trunk with a shovel to get a better view of the roots.
  • Cut the roots with an ax.
  • Try shifting the stump from its position and see if it budge.
  • If it budges, shake out the tree stump. But note that this method can only apply to small tree stumps or stumps that are stricken with age.

What you need to know about stump grinding

Stump grinding is a safe and more advanced form of stump removal. A stump grinder is capable of removing all stumps leaving nothing that can cause harm to you or your properties. 

But this time, it is done by a machine that is powered by a petrol engine. Its operation is left to professionals because it can cause accidents if not handled professionally. 

There’s a distinct difference between stump grinding and stump removal. The difference being that an arborist will recommend that you opt for stump grinding if the tree stump is bigger. Also, it is recommended to save time, relieve your stress, and achieve the best results.

Stump grinding is carried out by a machine called the stump grinder, it is this machine that cuts through the tree and grinds the stump.


The Tree Felling Tradeston Glasgow process is best left for professional tree surgeons to handle.